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Why Copy Trading?

The Investors Academy offers an exclusive Copy Trading platform that allows you to profit from the expertise of experienced traders, automatically and securely.


Copy professional traders on The Investors Academy’s platform and profit without monitoring the crypto market yourself. Stay in control of every trade.


Access every trader’s performance on Investors Academy. Review their trade records, statistics, and metrics to choose the best fit for your risk/reward preferences.


Investors Academy uses API for all trading activity, preventing traders from withdrawing funds and adding an extra layer of security to protect your investments.

how it works

How Copy Trading Works

Copy trades instantly with our Copy Trading Platform by linking your account with our traders’ account. All their trades will be automatically copied and executed on your account.

step 1:

Connect Exchange (10 min)

Create an API Key on the Exchange of your choice and paste the Keys into the IA Copy Trading Platform.

step 2:

Select Trader (5 min)

View all our available Traders and Bots and choose the one you would like to follow.



Meet our Traders

Select from our carefully vetted traders who have a proven track record of delivering profitable results. We offer a small selection of traders tailored to your risk tolerance and specific requirements.



Dave, also known as Stanley, is a 21-year-old experienced crypto and NFT trader since the beginning of 2019.
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Matt is a 23-year-old experienced crypto trader using trading bots since late 2017.
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Meet our Founder


Emilie Reich

Emilie Reich is 19 years young and passionate about crypto, NFTs, investing & trading.
Emilie started trading crypto, NFTs & stocks next to long-term investing after graduating from high school. After 1 year of hustling, she was able to start living her dream life, so she became a digital nomad and started traveling the world. Emilie’s goal is to inspire and help as many people as possible to achieve their life goals, which is why she founded the Investors Academy.


Got Questions?

The minimum investment is $100 as for everything below that your margin will be insufficient.
Yes, you can cancel your subscription with immediate effect.
The Investors Academy is available in almost every country, as long as you can use one of our supported exchanges.
Yes, the Investors Academy’s primary purpose is to educate beginners on how they can put their money to work. Even if you just have $100 to invest, you will be able to learn and make some money.

You can achieve success by investing 15 minutes per day.

However, with the ‘Copy Trading’ Plan or above, you can set up the Copy Trading and Trading Bot, and everything will run automatically. By doing so, you can invest less than 10 minutes a week to check the results. Our professional team will handle any adjustments necessary.