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Why Copy Trading?

Take Profit A.I offers an exclusive Copy Trading platform that allows you to profit with having your trading account taking the exact trades our Expert Trader takes automatically.


Easy setup process from the beginning setup process to the withdrawal of profit process.


Access our trader’s performance on the dashboard. Review our trade records, statistics, and metrics to determine your Risk of the lot size you want used for copying the trades.


The funds are in your own trading account never our traders trading account. So no worries about the trader withdrawing your funds. You are in full control.

how it works

How Copy Trading Works

Copy trades instantly with our Copy Trading Platform by linking your account with our traders’ account. All their trades will be automatically copied and executed on your account.

step 1:

Sign Up With Broker & Deposit

Setup your account and then complete simple verification and deposit funds into your wallet.

step 2:

Connect To Our Copy Trader

Now all you have to do is follow the link and sign up for the copy trader and transfer the funds from the wallet into your trading account that will be connected to our trading account.



Our PAMM  is setup for individuals that would like to earn more funds with a clear cut process, and consistent growth.

King Program

Invest with confidence in a top-tier program that offers royal benefits, the ultimate investment method for savvy investors.

No Subscription

Our launch features no subscription fees during the first 12 months. Our revenue is solely based on the success of our trading.

Recurring Profit

Our PAMM platform enables monthly profit withdrawals that are entirely at your discretion, putting you in complete command of your funds.

how to join

How To Get Started

This process is simpler than opening a bank account and more convenient than withdrawing funds from an ATM.

step 1:

Enabling Your Account

Sign up with our brokerage, verify your account, deposit the desired funds, and enroll in our PAMM by simply clicking the button.

step 2:

Withdraw Your Funds

View all our available Traders and Bots and choose the one you would like to follow.


Meet our Traders

Select from our carefully vetted traders who have a proven track record of delivering profitable results. We offer a small selection of traders tailored to your risk tolerance and specific requirements.



Dave, also known as Stanley, is a 21-year-old experienced crypto and NFT trader since the beginning of 2019.
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Matt is a 23-year-old experienced crypto trader using trading bots since late 2017.
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Copy Trading

Receive access to the Investors Academy community.

No Subscription Fee/for the first 6 months




Receive full access to the Investors Academy including our Copy Trading software.


Backed by our Risk Management Team


Meet our Founder

FOUNDER & Analyst


Jor-Dache Darling is an ultimate leader in helping you believe in yourself to succeed and he ensures that you do. While Breaking records at a young age, yet teaching others to multiply his success, Jor-Dache is a serial digital entrepreneur, investor, owner of the largest Hedge Fund found in The Bahamas & mentor. Mr.Darling is most known for being one of the youngest top achievers in the young digital entrepreneurship community from his country being only 22 years young. He has already accomplished more than most accomplish at his age. He helps people expand their lives financially by providing different services that encourage individuals to multiply their money, add belief to their lives, and practice personal development characteristics + growth techniques that help people learn the law of attraction.

Jor-Dache serves as a great example to his team of what can take place when someone truly commits. He currently travels the world full-time but his organizations are based globally. His mission is to impact the lives of 1 billion people around the world in a positive way & teach those who are willing to achieve greatness by learning specific skill sets.


Got Questions?

The minimum investment is $500for the copy trading & $10,000 for the PAMM.

Yes, you can cancel and withdraw your funds at any time.

This is available to all countries as long as you are using crypto as deposit and withdrawal method.

Yes, you need 0 knowledge besides basic computer skills to setup any of the offers we have going. 

You need 5 minutes per month and that is just logging in and withdrawing your funds.